Sell ​​Eco Racing Synergy SIngapore

 Sell Eco Racing Synergy SIngapore

Eco Racing Synergy is

Eco Racing is a substance that serves to protect vehicle engines, save fuel consumption and eliminate CO pollution. Eco Racing is also RON and MON BOOSTER, a special material made to increase the value of RON and MON on your vehicle's fuel oil (BBM).

Eco Racing Tablet

Tablet-shaped ecoracing products. 1 bottle contains 10 tablets 1 tablet for 4 liters of gasoline. Ecoracing Trucks & Diesel 1 sachet for 20 liters

Eco Racing Product Price

For Eco Racing Motorcycle: 1 Box fill 15 Bottle SGD 82.51 For Eco Racing Car / petrol engine: 3 BOX @ Box 30 SGD 82.51 For Eco Racing Diesel / diesel engine: 3 BOX @ Box 30 SGD 82.51

* 1 bottle contains 10 tablets
* 1 tablet for 4 liters of gasoline

Lack of Eco Racing

Nearly unharmed, evidenced by various eco racing testimonials
testimoni eco racing

This is a result of gas emission testing. Can we see in the picture, before using Eco Racing gas CO is still produced by the combustion engine but after wearing Eco Racing then the CO content produced from the combustion becomes 0.00 or equal to none at all. This product besides protecting the machine from its dirty combustion, but also saves people around avoid the dangers of CO gas generated from vehicle combustion.

In addition to eliminating the harmful CO gas, Eco Racing also has a function or benefit that saves 30-50% of the use of gasoline from its usual use. You do not believe it? Prove yourself and feel the benefits.

keliling kota, bensin ga habis-habis

fulltank bisa 6 hari pemakaian

kuat nanjak cuma 2 strip pemakaian BBMnya 

How to Use Eco Racing

Combine 1 eco racing tablet per 4 liters of gasoline.
Combine 1 tablet eco racing diesel per 20 liters of diesel.

Benefits and uses of Eco Racing

1. Increase RON (Octane) to 10 Points.
2. Increase MON to 30%
3. Gas savings up to 50%
4. Improve Machine Performance
5. Calc Clean Machine
6. Eliminate CO Pollution CO to 100%

To be more convincing, Team Sinergy Eco Racing conducts Gas Emissions Emissions CO directly at Official Vehicle Dealers with the Advanced Tool that the Dealer has.
Surprisingly, besides saving BBM up to 50%, Sinergy Eco Racing can eliminate CO 100%. That's not so good?

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